Slow Down Time

Slow down Time!

You’re running way too fast.

How do you expect me to catch up?

I was a little girl just last weekend playing in the park with the big kids.

I fell off my bike, but I was a big girl so I didn’t cry much.

When I recall Time, didn’t I graduate from elementary school last Monday?

My mama surprised me with that silver glistening flute I adored so much.

I slept with it, ate with it and did everything, but shower with it.

That flute, it was my best friend.

Time, do you remember Tuesday when I was in junior high, getting ready for my first Dance?

I plied clothes on top of my well-worn out flute.

I didn’t stop to put my flute back in its proper case,

I didn’t want my friends to leave the house without me.

Oh Time, Wednesday was when I entered high school.

I was a teenager, a well nurtured- spoiled, pop princess in the making.

I was also a young entrepreneur. Yes, the mall was my court, and social networks, my backyard.

I was stacked up in money, gossip the currency.

Now time, I know you love Friday, that was graduation day!

At the podium I was scared to speak in front of my classmates.

I froze in the middle of my speech at sometime, but I managed to pull through.

When I received my diploma, I felt accomplished, renewed, inspired, exhilarated!

Saturday was my favorite day Time.

You and all my family helped me get ready for college.

I packed my belongings and even remembered to pack my dusty flute for if I got a little lonely.

But nothing could stop us Time because we were both unstoppable.

But now it’s Sunday Time.

My optimism is fighting the difficult world called life.

Reality is weighing me down, but I’m trying to lift myself up.

I’m alone writing about my memories Time;

Somewhere between freshman year and finals, I lost my flute….


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