Are you free?

Or are you in bondage because you think you will be criticized?

If you’re still wondering about those questions,

Then you aren’t free.

Yes you, in the cocoon of your fears.

Fear of the unknown, a future that has yet to be mapped out. 

Fear of failure, following your beautifully encased dreams and having the shreds of glass from the impact of it broken cut into you slowly.

Fear of what your family and friends might think, oh that’s a soft spot, need I say more?

Fear of success….

What if you make it, that 1% that obtains success, that defies the odds, but what if you can’t handle it?

The thoughts seep into your nightmares and wake you up with headaches of negativity and hot sweats of regret..

Real? What is that? Conformers, must of us are that. 

The soul’s desires and uncharted talents suppressed in your growing belly of purpose, just so you can nurse the outside world of decaying ideals. 

Fear, what is that? 

The silent, but ever present killer of your destiny,

If you let it…



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