Sincerely, An Adult

Journal Entry: 10/26/14

Truth: I miss being a kid, going to school (which was easy then) playing outside all evening, then coming home for dinner. My favorite meal: plantains, with white rice and backed fish (or smoked turkey in a stew).

Sad truth: When I was younger, I always wished I could be older 😦 Then I had to listen to people say enjoy it while you can, being a child is effortless. Then I would ignore them and say I want to make my own rules, have my own freedom and the likes. Freedom sucks actually. I miss having a bed time…I sleep now when I have time.

Sadder Truth: I now tell immature middle and high school students to enjoy life while they can: Free shelter, free food, free ride to events, and too much time to think about nonsense things, like who to take to a dance, and how frizzy your hair gets when it rains. Then I listen to them sass talk be saying they can’t wait ’til their “grown.”

Saddest truth: I’m reminiscing about being a child, on my blog, when I have midterms this week. Life has a funny way of making you realize the things you’ve taken for granted at the most inconvenient moments….


An adult


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