Are you free?

Or are you in bondage because you think you will be criticized?

If you’re still wondering about those questions,

Then you aren’t free.

Yes you, in the cocoon of your fears.

Fear of the unknown, a future that has yet to be mapped out. 

Fear of failure, following your beautifully encased dreams and having the shreds of glass from the impact of it broken cut into you slowly.

Fear of what your family and friends might think, oh that’s a soft spot, need I say more?

Fear of success….

What if you make it, that 1% that obtains success, that defies the odds, but what if you can’t handle it?

The thoughts seep into your nightmares and wake you up with headaches of negativity and hot sweats of regret..

Real? What is that? Conformers, must of us are that. 

The soul’s desires and uncharted talents suppressed in your growing belly of purpose, just so you can nurse the outside world of decaying ideals. 

Fear, what is that? 

The silent, but ever present killer of your destiny,

If you let it…




Clutter, the expression of other people’s unnecessary opinions, ideals and motives over your life.
Clear the clutter, so you have enough space in your life, to actually live your life.



Cleaning up my life

Took A Break

Had to take a break to reevaluate my life.

Had to take a step back, to realize all the people I lost along the way,

and appreciate the ones that always stayed.

Had to take a break from the hectic semester and give myself a real vacation.

Had to take a step back to realize I’m better off with the less that I have now,

compared to the more I had before,

I’m coming back for good, hopefully I’m not misunderstood

that I had to take a break. Simple. 

But now I’m fully reloaded, accessible, adjusted,and primed to get my blogging on. Simple.


Breath shallow

Eyes transfixed

The gun is fired.

Smoke intoxicates her lungs.

Her strides become longer with every breath

Time is her biggest competitor,

It hovers around her like her shadow.

The sounds of the applause become audible

As she passes the finish line.

Daily Motivational

“Someone was hurt before you, wronged before you, hungry before you, frightened before you, beaten before you, humiliated before you, raped before you… yet, someone survived… You can do anything you choose to do.”

–Maya Angelou


There’s something about this year, that’s completely turned my world upside down. I use to be comfortable with being comfortable. But now I crave to be uncomfortable, I crave to learn more, grow more and commit more. To I started a 7-day plan to stay productive following the guidelines from the Everyday Power Blog ( So anytime I feel wronged, tired, fatigued, worried, embarrassed, and the likes, I will recite the quote above, and keep it moving.

Use Fear to Propel You into Your Dreams

I was afraid to jump off that cliff, but I did it anyways….


Fear does not exist, it is an optical illusion that you create in your mind, that hinders you from accomplishing your goals. 

Recognize that the fear is present because you are out of your comfort zone….breaking free from your comfort zone is the only way you can grow and gain wisdom.

When you recognize that fear is present, but that you don’t care because your goals have become your greatest concern,

Then you will be successful.