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bugatti-veyron-super-sport-gold-edition-762Living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

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Back Like I Never Left


I dissed you

Just to miss you

To run back to you

Then to leave you.

Time can’t erase you

So I continue to embrace you.

My love

That is poetry

That is life and the pursuit of purpose.


I promise to never leave you.


resurrected blogger

Sincerely, An Adult

Journal Entry: 10/26/14

Truth: I miss being a kid, going to school (which was easy then) playing outside all evening, then coming home for dinner. My favorite meal: plantains, with white rice and backed fish (or smoked turkey in a stew).

Sad truth: When I was younger, I always wished I could be older 😦 Then I had to listen to people say enjoy it while you can, being a child is effortless. Then I would ignore them and say I want to make my own rules, have my own freedom and the likes. Freedom sucks actually. I miss having a bed time…I sleep now when I have time.

Sadder Truth: I now tell immature middle and high school students to enjoy life while they can: Free shelter, free food, free ride to events, and too much time to think about nonsense things, like who to take to a dance, and how frizzy your hair gets when it rains. Then I listen to them sass talk be saying they can’t wait ’til their “grown.”

Saddest truth: I’m reminiscing about being a child, on my blog, when I have midterms this week. Life has a funny way of making you realize the things you’ve taken for granted at the most inconvenient moments….


An adult

Have You Ever?

Have you Ever?

Have you ever felt alone,

Like if you shouted at the top of your lungs over the Effiel tower, people still wouldn’t hear you?

Have you ever been consumed in thought,

So much so that you accidentally use your car keys to try to unlock your front door?

Have you ever been so confused,

That that you start asking your pet or your pillow for answers?

Have you ever felt betrayed,

Like when your friend use to by like your brother/sister, but now they have become your sworn enemy?

Have you ever had a longing for someone,

Like when say you will trek the mountains, the ocean, and Atlantis for them,

But when you see them pass by, you dumbly walk the other way?

If you have ever felt any of these things, be grateful, you are still very much alive.